Come Have a Drink with Us

Sit back, relax, and wash away the worries of the day with a cold beverage from the bar at The Brick Lounge & La Roma Pizza in Blakeslee, PA. Our fully stocked bar features various drink options, including a large selection of craft beers and specialty drinks.

Our friendly bartenders will make any drink you want to order.

Specialty Drink Menu

Enjoy some of our delicious food as you sit and sip your drink or tap your toes to the entertainment.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is on hand to answer questions and provide suggestions on food and drink choices. Our menu has something for everything, with a drink to go along with it! Just ask our staff. They’ll point you in the right direction!

Our bar is a perfect place to start or end the night with friends. We provide fun, food, and delicious drinks. Whether it’s the food, drinks, or friendly staff, The Brick Lounge & La Roma Pizza is definitely worth the trip! Nobody will leave without having a good time.

The Brick Twists!

Fresh Mint Mojito...5.00


Fresh Basil Bloody Mary…5.00

            Bloody Maria
            w/Sauza Blue….+2.00


Peach Smash...5.50
Jack, Peach and Reds apple ale

Peach SereniTEA…5.00
Fresh Brewed Tea, Peach, and Mint

Vick’s Blackberry Lemonade…5.00
Black Berry Moonshine and Lemonade


Pineapple Pear…7.50
Absolut Pear and Pineapple

Grey Goose Cosmo…8.50

Melon Martini…7.00
Absolut and Melon Liqueur

Upgrade to Top Shelf for 1.00


BlueBerry Margarita…6.00
            Flavor Upgrade +.75
            Red Bull

Classic Margarita…5.00
            Grand Ma Floater +1.00

Add an extra Tequilla shot for 2.00

Contact us today at 570-643-7000 for information about our drink menu.